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    Far East Cable has more than 1600 units (sets) of domestic and foreign advanced production equipment and testing equipment.
    • Argon Arc Welding Sheath Production Line

    • Horizontal Tensile Tester

    • Horizontal Tensile Tester (100t)

    • 700kv21000kva Ultra High Voltage Equipment of Haefely Hipotronics USA

    • 700kv 21000kvva Ultra High Voltage of Haefely Hipotronics USA

    • Cross-Linking Principal Controller

    • High Voltage Production Line

    • Composite Core Workshop

    • French Bodia Disc Strander

    • French Bodia Frame Strander

    • French Bodia 630 Frame Strander

    • Shock Generator

    • Double-headed Continuous Copper Retracting Production Line imported from NIEHOFF

    • PD Detection Equipment imported From Hyva

    • 500kV Cross-linker Production Line imported from TROISTER